Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hello! Anneonghaseyo!

Hello, world! Anneonghaseyo!

I am here to introduce or reveal the secret engine in the Korean language.
We can investigate the Korean speaker’s foggy unconsciousness together.
We may explore or dig into the Korean linguistic features by analyzing Korean drama scripts.

Have you ever learned Korean before?
Have you ever taught Korean language to a foreigner?
Have you ever heard or seen Korean language? K-pop? K-drama?
Do you know any Korean words?
Have you ever been to Korea?
Even though you kept saying ‘no no’ so far, please don’t give up yet,
I have one more an undeniable and irresistible question to be ready for ‘yes’.
Have you ever try to say a name of Korean food in your lifetime?? Kimchi? Bibimbap? Kalbi?

I hope you have at least one yes.

Here, we can talk about the general linguistic features and especially examine more about Korean language. It can be from the previous linguistics study or from my teaching experience.

For example, unlike voiceless sound [p] and voiced [b] in English, Korean has 3 ways:/p/,/b/ and /p’/, so most of foreigners have a difficulty to pronounce them correctly. There are few tips for pronunciation correctly. I will introduce those things here.

However, this blog is not only for the basic well-known facts like pronunciation system.
I would like to share the findings from my research work or on-going project as well as my personal experience of teaching Korean, and I would love to discuss about them.
I don’t want to call myself as a perfect expert who knows everything. I would rather to be an explorer who enjoyably discusses and investigates the beauty and mystery of languages together.
So, let’s start the expedition into the languages with little more attention to Korean language.

Now, it’s your turn, so please tell me.

What is the most interesting aspect in languages for you?

If you are not Korean, can you tell me any Korean words or a sentence?


  1. Wow! I'm very interested in this blog! I think it is an awesome idea! Unfortunately i can't say anything in Korean, but I'd like to know more, so I'll visit your blog more times to learn something :)

  2. Whenever my foreign friends ask me about korean language, especially about grammar, I found that it is really difficult to answer them properly. I think this blog is going to be big help not only for foreigners, but also for native Korean speakers :)