Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Korean Alphabet - Hangeul 2

How are you enjoying your day?
I am sorry to take several days until I introduce the consonants of Hangeul.

Today, I am going to introduce consonant letters for Korean alphabet, Hangeul.
Do you remember the vowel shapes in Korean alphabet represent the nature?
Those shapes are come from sky, earth, and a human.
Otherwise, the consonant letters in Korean alphabets are related to the shape of the articulation. In other words, the letter shapes are similar to the tongue shapes when it comes to pronounce the letter.

As you can see, ㄱ is the letter shape for sound /g/or /k/.
When you tried to pronounce /g/, /k/, your tongue shape is like ㄱ.
The second letter ㄴ is for /n/, it was also from the shape of tongue when /n/ sound is pronounced. 
The third one, ㅁ is for sound /m/. In order to pronounce /m/ sound, lips are closed and popped to open it. ㅁ is like mouth shape. 
Next, ㅅ is for the sound /sh/ or /s/, and the ㅅ shape describes the lower teeth because the /s/ sound comes through the little gap between the teeth.

* image reference from below


  1. Wow! Korean language is so scientific!


  2. Hi! Curious Nyam! It's an excellent idea to open a blog about Korean language! There are so many blogs where we can get various information about korean people, food, geograpny, etc., but this blog seems to me to be the first one where we can learn lot of things about Koren language. Hope you continue to give us many good informations and to stimulate our curiosities about Korean culture through this blog. Bon courage~!